Outilac covers any failures in the functioning of its products under normal use and service, which result from a defect in material or factory workmanship under the following conditions :

  • Outilac guarantees all goods offered provided that: it is established to the reasonable satisfaction of the seller that some part of the material used in manufacture was defective, and the goods have been returned to it.
  • Defective products shall be repaired or replaced at Outilac’s option without charge for parts.
  • Outilac constantly adapts its products to users’ needs and to technical evolutions.
  • Outilac may modify or remove any product from its catalogue without notice. Those products are replaced by technically equivalent products.
  • Outilac guarantees for life non-expendable hand tools from its own brand ‘Outilac’ under normal use conditions. After inspection of the defective product, and provided that the goods have not been subject to misuse or abuse of any kind, Outilac will replace the product without arguing, and at no cost to the buyer.

The warranties shall not apply or include any of the following:

  • Repair or replacement required as a result of: normal wear and tear, misuse, neglect or abuse of any kind, lack of reasonable and proper maintenance.
  • Defects due to accidents (theft, shocks, fire, flood, transport).
  • Normal replacement of service items and normal maintenance service.

The warranty takes effect from the date of the sale (date of invoice). The warranty is limited in time for technical products and machinery. This limited warranty is the warranty provided by the manufacturer of the product or machinery.